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Pattaya Far Islands

Pattaya Faraway Islands - Join the leisurely boat trip from Jomtien and Pattaya beaches for our amazing snorkel and scuba itinerary.

We favor the Pattaya far island destinations when the conditions are optimum.

For that to happen, the wind needs to be slight and it then takes around 1.5 hours to travel by boat to the faraway island pinnacles.

Nonetheless, it is worth the extra effort to appreciate the best snorkeling and diving at the Pattaya Far Islands.

Large colorful angel fish and dazzling butterfly fish roam around the shallow corals and turtles seem curious enough to stray around the divers and snorkelers. There are species of fish and corals around Koh Rin that you will not find at the nearer sites.

Koh Rin Snorkeling

Pattaya Koh Rin Far Island BeachPattaya's Far Island called Koh Rin is where you can see the most corals and particularly soft corals like sea whips and feather stars.

The Pattaya fish species tend to be in bigger schools and larger in size around these distant outcrops.

Koh Man Wichai Pinnacle

Koh Man Wichai Snorkeling - Not quite as far from Pattaya as Koh Rin but Koh Man Wichai is a favorite with many of the regular snorkelers. We regularly see large barracuda, snappers, and jacks feeding around the staghorn and table corals.

Koh Phai Thailand

Koh Phai Snorkeling - Often used by the Royal Thai Navy, Koh Phai Island has superb beaches that are restricted during their military training. The south of this small archipelago of pinnacles offers some great snorkeling sites ideal for weak swimmers and novice snorkelers.

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