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Snorkeling Holidays

A family snorkeling holiday conjures up an image of tremendous fun, excitement, and great memories for families with kids of all ages - including grown up kids.

Snorkeling and diving vacations abroad, swimming around thriving coral reefs, often have therapeutic and educational benefits for all the family.

A relaxing experience floating around in warm clear shallow water with some light swimming exercise is usually a welcome and adventurous relief from the usual holiday activities of sightseeing and shopping.

Full day or half day organized island tour packages are typical of family snorkeling holiday destinations in Asia.

The day normally starts with a short boat trip to the shallow reefs enjoying a light breakfast on board during the journey. The boat anchors near to an island’s sandy shore and the guide cleans and prepares your snorkeler's gear.

Masks, snorkels, and fins are handed out to everyone and following a short safety briefing, the whole family jump into the warm azure blue water.

Snorkeling Holidays in PattayaFace down in the water, breathing slowly through the snorkel and gently drifting on the surface in the shallows above the fish and aquatic life, the only noise you hear is from your own inhalation and exhalation.

No phones; No traffic; just the peaceful surroundings of a deserted tropical island in the sun and the multi coloured sea life below.

We are confident that Doctors would prescribe this tranquility to anyone searching for a day away from the typical stresses of modern life in the city. Fresh air, warming sunshine, and the wonders of Mother Nature - Sounds like an ideal snorkeling holiday and sightseeing trip to us. Book your family snorkeling holiday trip in Thailand and we can offer you all the above at an unbeatable value price.

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