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Octopus Facts and Pictures

Interesting Facts about Octopus - Octopuses, which is the plural of octopus, rank among the most interesting and mesmerizing of all the cephalopod sea creatures - a fascinating master of disguise.

Octopus species are found in all oceans around the world and there are believed to be around 300 different species Octopodidae.

Octopus vulgaris - the common octopus - exist and thrive best around tropical and subtropical shallow coral reef formations and all octopus species range in size range from 2 cm up to three meters in length.

Octopuses are boneless soft-bodied invertebrate mollusks but they lose their typical octopus shape if they are taken out of water. In general, octopus species do not have an internal or external skeleton. This means that the creature is able to squeeze into tight places around the reef in search of food and whenever it perceives a threat from a predator.

Octopus - Six Arms and Two Legs

The Greek name 'octopus' means eight-footed but in fact an octopus has 8 limbs - six arms and two legs. Most species of octopus have two rows of circular sucker pads covering these arms or tentacles which the animal uses for sensing taste. Some octopuses actually have a sharp beak found on their bulbous head or mantle.

Interesting Facts about OctopusInteresting Facts about Octopus

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Octopus Octopus swimming near seabed

Pictures of Octopus: Not all octopus species are commonly found in Thailand but our Pattaya fish species section has information about other marine life found in the shallow waters around the coral islands.

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