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Welcome to this helpful section for snorkelers looking for information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about Pattaya Snorkeling Tours. Please contact us by email if you need further assistance.

How to Book a Snorkel Tour?

We make that simple because you can use any of these five options;

  1. Fill in the simple enquiry form
  2. You can contact us by telephone
  3. Use our free chat support 'click desk'
  4. Message or call us on the LINE app
  5. You can send an enquiry by direct email

We ask for at least 24 hours advance confirmation to guarantee your reservation and we normally require 500 ฿ deposit per person. All the contact options and deposit instructions are on the prices page.

Is Snorkeling Safe in Pattaya?

Our snorkel tours focus on a day of relaxation and stress free fun on the boat while floating above the fish and corals. We concentrate and focus on providing value for money excursions combined with a professional attentive service. Our day trips are safer and more relaxing than most other water sports around the islands.

We provide a snorkeler guide on board who is also a local marine life expert. The professional advice you get will help you find the best snorkeling spots and steer you away from potential hazards such as strong currents, jet skis, and speed boats.

Snorkeling vs. Scuba Diving

One of the most common questions asked by our customers is for us to explain the differences between snorkeling and scuba diving. Less training is required for snorkeling but you are constantly supervised for scuba activities. Swimming proficiency is not required but you should be comfortable in water to experience snorkeling or scuba diving safely.

Snorkeling is swimming on the surface of the water using a snorkeler set of mask, fins, and snorkel. The enjoyment is achieved by looking down with your face in the water and floating around the reef. It is meant to be a relaxed and non-exertive experience.

Scuba divers use a compressed air tank and other diving equipment to descend from the surface and breathe under water. PADI is the 'Professional Association of Diving Instructors' and our team includes expert scuba trainers who teach and certify students through the full range of PADI scuba courses.

Can a Non-swimmer Go Snorkeling?

Absolutely Yes! We welcome non-swimmers and guests who enjoy being on the boat for a day at sea. Not all of our snorkelers are proficient swimmers and we can offer more intensive supervision for them.

Snorkeling does not typically have age barriers like some other water sports and even if you are not a strong swimmer you can still enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a lazy day in the sun floating on the warm blue water.

When you are ready to enter the water we fit you up in a safety flotation vest providing you with extra buoyancy. The advantage of wearing a life jacket, whether you can swim or not, is you will not normally descend underwater.

What Time does the Boat Depart and Return?

The boat usually leaves Pattaya around 09.00 a.m. so our pickup times start an hour earlier.

The return times vary according to the snorkeling and diving activities and the weather conditions but the usual time is around 16.00.

If you are traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya to join the snorkeling trip, please allow at least two to three hours car journey.

What are the Taxi Services to Pattaya?

Most of our customers travel from Bangkok to Pattaya by private taxi service. We recommend using a professional and reliable company such as Pattaya Taxi 24/7. You can email us for more information or call them direct.

Telephone: (+66) 085 747 4542

Can we also Try Scuba Diving in Pattaya?

Most definitely! We have qualified experienced PADI Scuba Instructors in our team and they would be delighted to take you on the PADI one-day scuba diving program for beginners in Pattaya.

SPECIAL OFFER: Pattaya Resort Package

We also offer you a single day combination package of one (1) scuba try dive and one (1) island snorkeling tour both activities for only 3,000 ฿ per participant.

What are Coral Islands?

In the simplest terms a coral island is one which has been formed from coral waste or debris (detritus) and its associated organic material - such as you will find at the Pattaya Coral Islands.

What Kind of Fishes Will We See?

Great Question! Without listing every single type of fish and coral formation that exists in the Gulf of Thailand, the most popular fish species that you should see includes Damselfish, Sergeant Major fish, Butterfly fish, Barracuda, Angelfish, Stingrays, Cuttlefish, Moray eels, and Sea Turtles.

What is the Sea Temperature?

The average water temperature around the Pattaya Islands is 30 degrees Celsius and even in the Eastern Seaboard 'winter' the water is very unlikely to drop below 27 Celsius. We have witnessed a 'balmy' 33°C during the hot and humid season around May to August.

Is there Strong Ocean Currents?

Strong currents are prone at certain times of the month (new moon and full moon) which is why the captain will try to anchor the boat in the leeward side of the shallow bay offering most shelter from the wind and currents.

What Food is Available on the Boat?

Pattaya Snorkeling BoatWe have never had a serious complaint about the food that we offer on the boat and most of our snorkelers comment on the high quality and quantity available all day.

We serve lunch on board usually around mid-day. We provide you with hot food and soft drinks free of charge during the day.

Usually there will be rice, soup, chicken, and fruit. Tea, coffee and drinking water are available on the boat all day for free but the Captain will charge for beer and certain fizzy drinks. We are often asked to arrange vegetarian meals for our Indian snorkelers. We are happy to offer this service if we are notified in advance.

Which Months are Best and Worst for Snorkeling at Pattaya?

The best months for Pattaya snorkeling action seem to peak from November until April. These winter months tend to be very dry and sunny but quite windy. The rainy months usually start around June and gradually get wetter each month until October when the worst of the monsoon rains usually arrive.

Can I Buy a Personal Snorkel Set?

We recommend buying your own snorkeling gear for many reasons. Our snorkel sets are very competitively priced and every month we have special offers on equipment. We have snorkeling kits and equipment for sale from 999 Thai baht.

Where is Laem Bali Hai Pattaya Port?

Laem Bali Hai Harbour and Pattaya Port are located at the south end of Walking Street. The South Pattaya Pier has a new multi-level car park and gets busy at weekends. Most of the speed boats, fishing vessels, and private charters depart from this marina.

How Much is a Speed Boat for Rent?

Pattaya private speed boat charter provides you with luxurious privacy, convenience, and self-indulgence. If you prefer decadence and appreciate a distinct lack of noisy tourists then perhaps the extra cost of speed boat hire may be the solution.

Do We Have a Snorkeling Blog?

We most certainly do have a snorkeling blog. Check out our blogging questions and comments covering the latest tips, news, information, and expert advice for beginner snorkelers.

What is the Refund Policy?

We would not normally cancel the trip because of rainy weather but if we cancel the tour for any other reason we issue a full refund (including any deposits made). However, deposits are usually non-refundable for no-shows.

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