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Coral Reef Formation

With optimum conditions a coral reef begins to form when free-swimming and minuscule coral larvae attach themselves to a solid structure under water. The most common structures that support coral growth are submerged rocks or any similar hard surfaces which are found fringing the edges of islands or major continents.

Corals grow and expand at differing rates but the reef transforms into one of the three major coral reef characteristic structures;

  1. Atoll
  2. Barrier Reef
  3. Fringing Coral Reef

Brain Coral - Brain corals (scientific name Faviidae) are generally spheroid shaped with a grooved surface resembling an animal's brain.

Fire Coral - Snorkelers are discouraged from touching the reef but recognizing and avoiding the fifty identified species of venomous fire coral could save you a painful sting, cut, or allergic reaction.

Staghorn Coral - a branching coral with cylindrical branches ranging from a few cms to over 2m.

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