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Snorkeling around Pattaya’s sun-drenched near and far coral island pinnacles is cheap priced compared to touring other primary snorkel destinations in Thailand.

Book with us today and your snorkeling tour will be packed with family fun, picture postcard scenery, and refreshing invigoration - with the biggest emphasis on friendly service and superb value for money.

We welcome your enquiry so click here to contact Snorkel Steve.

Easy, Relaxing, and Affordable Family Fun!

All our snorkelers get free hotel pickups, hot buffet-style food, cold drinks, modern snorkeling equipment, and a guide on board the large spacious boat. All this for only 1,600 Thai Baht per person ($50) and we also offer special discounts for corporate or group bookings.

Despite Koh Larn being the most popular for a public snorkeling tour, we prefer to head out to the far pinnacles and colourful reefs of Koh Rin and Ko Phai. The Pattaya Farthest Islands are where you find the best corals, most privacy, and the clearest water conditions.

The picturesque gently shelving shorelines and remote sandy beaches are why our daily Pattaya coral island trips make this 90 minutes boat journey - if the sea and weather conditions are optimal.

A relaxing and tranquil snorkeling tour is one of the best family day trips Pattaya has to offer. Our English and Thai professionals welcome singles and groups even if you do not know swimming skills.

We will help you with equipment selection tips and how to do snorkelling in Pattaya. If this is your first time or you are a beginner, we give you all-important advice about your swimming sets, buoyancy aids (flotation vest), gear assembly, and their function. Our snorkeler’s safety is paramount!

Pattaya Snorkeling Tour Bookings

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Snorkelling in Pattaya

There is never a better time to try snorkeling in Pattaya, Thailand than right now. Our prices for snorkeling have not increased in the last three years.

We offer digital underwater cameras for hire at only 500 ฿ per snorkel trip so you can share your underwater photos or video clips on your favourite social sites. Snorkeling for kids is our speciality and we have children’s size gear and safety jackets.

The sea life around the Pattaya coral reefs and islands is typical of Gulf of Thailand marine species. We are confident that you will enjoy swimming with the tropical fishes and sea turtles.

Our shallow water exploration trips are great for enthusiasts in fish photography and those who appreciate interacting with the diverse ecology and raw nature of our planet's aquatic ecosystems.

Snorkeling Tours at Best Coral Islands

Pattaya snorkeling tours operate around 10 of the best coral islands and pinnacles reachable by boat from Pattaya Beach. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section for more details.

Shallow tropical reefs with warm water temperatures of 29°C is ideal for snorkelers or other exciting water sports activities. Public snorkeling trips depart daily at 9.00am and return around 16.00.